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How to start a travel blog and be a full time traveller

You’ve always wanted to start a travel blog, but you were afraid to actually start one? There are various reasons why you haven’t started it yet. The main reason can...

how to start a travel blog

You’ve always wanted to start a travel blog, but you were afraid to actually start one? There are various reasons why you haven’t started it yet. The main reason can be because you aren’t a tech-savvy guy or a girl, so you don’t want to find yourself stuck in the mess related to all these technical stuff. That is why many people choose the easy way out, in other words, they just open a Tumblr account and sort of start their blog there.

But, after some time, they are not happy with the way their blog look like, because with Tumblr and other free blogging platforms you are limited with design, customization, branding and more. That’s why you should self-host your blog and be your own Boss.

Yes, I Want to Start My Travel Blog Right Now!

We at Startupyourblog.com have put a detailed step-by-step guide on how to start a travel blog, and today you will learn exactly how! Before we go into the setup process, you should know that starting a travel blog is not very different from starting a lifestyle, fashion or a beauty blog, as well as photography or tech and other similar blogs.

In fact, all these types of blogs have one thing in common – they all start with setup, which means, all of them needs a hosting and a domain name to start. If you don’t know what this even means, don’t worry, this guide is very easy to understand and we will guide you from start to finish.

start a travel blog

How to Start a Travel Blog (Step-by-Step Guide)

When starting a travel blog, what most people have in mind is live off as a travel blogger. Though this is possible but the process in between is very hard and requires time and determination. You probably know most of these things, but we have to be sure you understand them now. So to begin with the setup process, we have divided this guide into 3 most important steps.

It always seems impossible until its done – Nelson Mandela

1. Choose a Good and Memorable Name

Let’s say you want to name your blog WinterTraveler.com because you like to travel in winter, but after some time, you decide to travel during the summer season. In this way, you are misleading your visitors who possibly came to your blog because they like to travel in winter too.

They will be like: What the heck She named her blog Winter Traveler and now she only posts the picture of her in a bikini, on a +40 ?C, with a cocktail in her hands!?I thought to see a little cabin covered in snow, not a hot weather and people sweating under the blazing sun, I hate it!  lol

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when registering their domain name. Make it evergreen and think twice before the final decision. Read the Step 2 below for registering your domain name and choosing a web host together.

We at Startupyourblog.com recommend SiteGround.com because they are most reliable web hosting service for your blog.

Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

Keep your name clean and easy to read. It’s really hard to find desired name to be available for you to register, but try to avoid numbers and hyphens in your domain name. Imagine, someone you know, or you accidentally met a potential reader who asks you where to find your blog and you say: It’s called bob hyphen travel blog 101 dot com.

It’s not easy to write nor to remember, right?

cabin covered in snow

Be Unique

Something like TravellerBob.com isn’t very unique. This is important because the name itself hints what could be the topic of the blog apart from that original name can attract new visitors. To come up with something more unique, you should write down all the words you think of, or words that you associate with traveling. Try to connect two, maybe 3 or 4 small words in one, this will give you a more distinct name.

To sum up, these are the best possible guidelines for choosing a good and memorable domain name:

  • short, easy to read and type
  • maximum of 3-4 (closely) related words
  • without numbers and hyphens
  • words related to your niche, in this case – travel

2. Choose a Web Host for Your Blog

Like every other serious travel blogger, you need a good web hosting. If you don?t know how to get one, read how to choose a web host guide. Also, if you don’t know the difference between self-hosted blogs and the free ones, read why you should self-host your blog here.

After you successfully registered your domain name and your hosting is up and running, we are going to the next step. This is the most important step if you want to get noticed!

3. Social Media – Get Noticed!

The most important thing in the blogger world today is to get seen on social media. You don’t need to have an account on all of them, but Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most significant for travel bloggers.

Here’s a helpful tip: When registering your domain name, check that the name you choose is also available on these 3 social media websites.

It’s not really important if your blog name isn’t available, you can always improvise with that. But it’s a good thing to have a similar name on Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Instagram account.

To get noticed in social media world, you have to be active. There is no really a secret in this, except being active every day, posting pictures of your trips, engaging with your readers, replying to their questions while also giving a few good tips.

Top 5 travel bloggers who will inspire you to travel more!

1. Nomadic Matt

He is one of the most popular guys in travel blogging. Started back in 2006, Matt has been traveling the world. The author of the New York Times best-selling book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. Matt has traveled to over 80 countries, flown hundreds of thousands of miles, slept in all sort of places, tried the weird food, learned multiple languages, and concluded that you don’t need to be rich to travel.

2. Tomislav Perko

30 years old guy from Croatia. Describing himself as a regular, everyday, normal guy that every now and then tries to do something irregular, unique and extraordinary. He started living his life only recently, by moving away from the usual be born,  go to school, get married do the job that you don’t like, retire and die lifestyle. Tomislav kept asking himself the question, What exactly do I want to do with my life? Looked for an answer on some of his journeys in the last five years, he visited over 40 countries, hitchhiked over 50,000 kilometers, and all that with a budget of under $10/day. Tomislav says, he still hasn’t found the answer, but he’s enjoying the search.

Recently, he published a book called 1,000 Day of Spring which quickly turned into a bestseller back home. Tomislav currently living in New Zealand, working on his second book.

3. yTravel Blog

y Travel Blog is Australia’s biggest travel blog and one of the worlds most popular. Founded in 2010 Caz and Craig has been traveling around the world. Featured on and recognized as travel experts by Lonely Planet, Expedia, Huffington Post and Virgin Australia. They also have one of the biggest Pinterest following at 4.3 million. Currently, they are road tripping around Australia for 18 months with their two daughters, Kalyra, and Savannah.

4. The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten is a California native, who not long ago, left her career in corporate finance to become a world traveler. Since then, she has traveled to 40 countries and her favorite destinations are Jordan, Thailand, Bolivia, Australia and Belgium. A few times she’s been asked if she’s secretly dating a sheik to afford to keep traveling. She says the key is learning to live less and, above all, compromise. After leaving her job in LA, she left her luxury apartment, two walk-in closets, her high-end gym membership and cut herself off from all beauty services. She’s now traveling with less than $50 a day.

5. The Savvy Backpacker

James and Susan are husband and wife who loves living and traveling in Europe. They created The Savvy Backpacker for helping future travelers plan their budget backpacking trip to Europe. The history of The Savvy Backpackers starts when James has been researching his first European backpacking trip. He saw that most backpacking sites offered very little well-researched content. When he returned home, he was often asked for backpacking advice by his friends and he got the idea to create a site about backpacking in Europe. Their mission is to help everyone travel around Europe without spending a fortune.

This list of top 5 travel bloggers is made by startupyourblog.com. We simply choose these 5 because we think they are the best ones to follow if you are starting your travel blog. They have good advices for you, so feel free to check out their websites and social media accounts!

A few words from us

If you really like to travel, always wanted to, or just started to travel and come with an idea to start a travel blog. Don’t let anyone to prevent you from doing it! Start your blog now, build it slowly and in a few years you will have your blog ranking among those popular ones we listed above. Also, feel free to contact us if you need any help setting up your travel blog, we are here to help!