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How to Easily Write Your First Ever Blog Post

You’ve successfully registered your domain name and got your web hosting account ready. Now, it’s the time to prepare your WordPress blog for writing. The first thing we are going...

how to write your first blog post

You’ve successfully registered your domain name and got your web hosting account ready. Now, it’s the time to prepare your WordPress blog for writing.

The first thing we are going to do is, login to your WordPress blog account. You will do that by typing your domain name like this yourdomain.com/wp-admin, the login screen will show up:

wp login

Type in your Username and Password then click Log In. Once you logged in, you will see your WordPress Dashboard:

How to Easily Write Your First Ever Blog Post

This is your Dashboard from where you can navigate to your Posts, Pages, Settings and more.
Before starting our first blog post, we are going to install a few plugins. We have selected 6 important plugins for writing your blog.

6 must have plugins for your blog

1. Yoast SEO

Definitely the best plugin for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Yoast SEO with over 1 million installs, you can download it and install directly from your Plugins section. Here is how, first go to your Plugins section on your dashboard menu:

Click to zoom in


Next, click on the Add New button:

add new


Now, just search a name of the plugin like shown on the picture below:

search pluginThe last step is to click on the Install button and wait till the installation is finished, make sure you activated it after.

yoast seo


Watch this video on how to properly SEO optmize your posts:

2. Insert headers and footers

With this plugin you can easily insert your code for Google Analytics tracking platform, without messing up with the CSS files.


3. Contact form 7

Pretty good plugin if you want a nice and easy to setup Contact Form.

contact form 7


4. Image zoom

When clicked, the image will dynamically scale-up. Pretty useful if you have a high resolution pictures on your posts. Also, you can see an example on this post, just click on any image and you will see how it works.

image zoom plugin

5. Standout color boxes and buttons

This plugin implements colored content boxes and buttons, this is the great plugin if you want something to stand-out from your text.

Standout Color Boxes and Buttons

Here’s an example for you, made by this great plugin. Cool, right?

6. Limit login attempts

Limit login attempts blocks an Internet address from making further attempts after a specified limit on retries is reached, making a brute-force attack difficult or impossible.

Limit Login Attempts

Hope you liked our selection of 6 must-have plugins. They will surely help you in writing and maintaining your blog. If you need any help regarding this plugins feel free to comment down below and we will help you out.

Writing your first ever blog post

Now, when we have installed the required plugins, we can start writing our first blog post. Most people don’t have an idea on what to write for the first post. Here’s the most common topics to write about.

3 main topics to write for your first ever blog post

1. About you

Introduce yourself, tell your future visitors who are you. This is the ordinary blog post, and pretty easy to write. Also, you don’t need to write a novel, just briefly describe yourself.

2. About your blog

The same thing with your blog, write a short intro about your blog. You can also write how you came up with the idea for starting your blog. This will be pretty useful for your visitors to know what you will be posting in the future.

3. Get to work

I called this topic ‘get to work’ because you don’t need some special introduction to write about yourself. You can start writing your blog right away without introducing. Submit your ‘About Me’ later.