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Beautiful and Free WordPress Themes For Your Blog

We finally set up a WordPress, wrote a first post and now we want to design or customize our blog?a little bit. You might want to change a few things...

top5 wordpress themes

We finally set up a WordPress, wrote a first post and now we want to design or customize our blog?a little bit. You might want to change a few things or you want to complete redesign your blog.?If your current theme?is not that?catchy for you, it is the right time to change it!

When picking up a theme for your blog, you want it to be beautiful, eye catchy, and most important readable. So, if your blog is about fashion, your theme design can be simple, a few colors, mostly with pictures, because a?picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Top 5 Free WordPress Themes for Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers

This is the list of 5 WordPress Themes which you can use and customize it for free.

1. Catch Everest

The reason I listed this theme in the top 5 is because it can be fully customizable WordPress theme. Here’s a difference between Default theme and customized one. Click on the links below?to find out how they look.

Catch Everest – Default
Catch Everest -?Customized

free wp theme

You can see, that the 2nd one is customized in a good?way, readable fonts, the background is nice?and everything looks simple yet beautiful.
This is the right example how you can customize a less interesting theme into a nice looking blog.
Install this theme directly from your WordPress dashboard or you can download it here: Download Catch Everest

2. Sela

Sela is a great WordPress?theme for everyday blogging. Vibrant, bold, and clean, with lots of space for your?images, this theme will look great on all devices, desktop to mobile.

free wordpress themes
Click on the image to preview demo


If you like Sela theme, you can download it and install it for free here: Download Sela Theme

3. Powen Lite

Powen Lite has been designed for blogging websites and?due to its clean design and plenty of customization options, it can easily be customized for any purpose.

powen lite wp theme
Click for demo

Get Powen Lite here:?Download

4. Resonar

Resonar is an elegant blog theme that features full-screen featured images.

resonar wp theme
Click for demo

Get Resonar theme here: Download

5. Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is very easy to use and?it’s also extremely customizable! It’s beautifully designed?so that both admins and users will love to spend time on your blog. All available customizer options will allow you to easily make your blog?look the way you want it!

mont blanc wp theme

Mont Blanc Theme: Download

If you are looking for a Premium Themes we are highly suggesting WordPressThemes by?anarieldesign. Their WordPress Themes are beatifuly designed with amazing features!

Also, you can check all available WordPress theme here:?WordPress Themes for Free
If you liked our list of themes, like this post and leave a comment below!