How to Choose a Good Web Host for Your Blog?

5 Important Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Good Web Hosting Company Today, when every day one hosting company is made, people don’t know...

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how to choose web host

5 Important Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Good Web Hosting Company

Today, when every day one hosting company is made, people don’t know which one to choose and why. covers the most important factors on How to Choose a Web Host. Read below on which factors you need to pay close attention if you want to get a good hosting company!

1. Price

This is definitely the first thing everyone wants to look at when choosing their hosting provider, however it shouldn’t be deciding factor. Quality hardware cost money and that’s why you should get a few dollar expensive host instead one for $1.99/month, because that provider won’t likely offer feature like knowledgeable support, unlimited resources, and a good uptime.

We at recommend as they are most reliable hosting company.

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2. Specification

How many websites you want to host on your hosting? If you want to host only 1 website then the plan with 1 website is enough for you. As for the website space, you need to figure out what you want to do in the first place. If you want to host a content rich blogs/websites, videos, and such, then you shouldn’t go for the cheapest hosting.

Also, if you don’t want to watch how many space or bandwith you have left on your hosting account, look up for the HostGator Hatchling plan, they offer you unmetered website space and unmetered bandwith, also you will get a space for your email accounts and $100 in the marketing offers.

3. Support

For the most people, this will be the first thing to look after the price. When choosing a good web hosting, make sure they have a live chat or 24/7 support option, that means they already have a support team ready to help you. Imagine this, your website is down, you don’t know what’s happened and you are loosing money, visitors etc. Instead writing an email, you will go directly to one of available agent who will immediately check for your problem and fix it.

4. Customer Reviews and Reputation

Customer reviews has a major role in choosing a good web hosting, if you are searching for reviews of your hosting company on the internet, you will likely see a many of them, both good and bad. Pay close attention of what a user says in their review. Even a good hosting companies have a bad reviews, so don’t let a couple of them turn you away from geting a web host you wanted.

5. User Interface

The last one you should pay attention is User Interface. Most of them are using cPanel or Control Panel. cPanel is a Linux based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site. Even if you are not tech-savy person you should be able to use this control panel easy.

That’s all in ‘How to Choose a Web Host’ Tutorial, follow our website for more useful posts!
5 Important factors you should pay close attention when choosing a good web host. Write down in the comments section which hosting company are u using and why!

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  1. Leonard Reply

    Are there any really good and reliable review sites? Can you recommend anything? Thanks

    1. Nate Hay Reply

      Hi Leonard,

      thank you for your question.
      Internet is full of review sites and I assume you already know that.

      Can’t really single out any reliable sites, because every single hosting company have pros and cons. Also, there is no company which doesn’t have a negative reviews or reputation by their customers.

      That’s why I recommend our readers to try out HostGator for their first month. They will get a $0.01 coupon code so that way they have nothing to lose.